1-2-1 Sound Healing - Online & Group Sound Baths

Sound healing is the therapeutic application of sound on and around the body, providing a deeply relaxing experience that aims to restore harmony and balance and promote physical, mental and emotional well-being.


A variety of instruments can be used including crystal singing bowls, Himalayan bowls. chimes, drums and more to create a unique sound journey tailored to the needs of each individual or group.


Sound healing sessions can combine the benefits of sound with guided meditation and mindfulness.


While sound healing is very gentle, the outcome can be extremely powerful and transformational for the client.

Sound healing can help to:

Promote feelings of deep relaxation

Reduce stress & tension

Increase feelings of well-being & happiness

Dissolve energy blocks

Quiet the mind

Support the natural healing process

Relieve restlessness & insomnia

Aid better sleep

Reduce feelings of depression & anxiety

Increase & revitalise energy levels

Strengthen intuition & mind-body connection

Promote introspection, self-knowledge & self-awareness

Provide a sense of peace & calm

Improve concentration & alertness

Restore harmony & balance – physical, mental, emotional & energetic

And more...

Sound healing is available online via video call, or in-person by special arrangement.

1-2-1 Sound Healing

Enjoy a deeply relaxing sound healing session tailored especially to you.  Energy healing (Reiki) can also be used to further facilitate the flow of healing energy,

60min treatment /90min appointment - £55

Online Sound Baths

Receive a new 60min guided sound bath at the beginning of each month, specifically tailored to support you with the energy of the month ahead.  Listen as many times as you like throughout the month in the comfort of your own home for less than the price of attending a single in-person sound bath!


Per month - £10

Group Sound Bath

Group sound baths are a great way for you to enjoy the benefits of sound healing with friends, family or colleagues.  Attend a local sound bath or book a private group for a minimum of 2 people.

From £15 per person

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