Massage is a fantastic therapy that has a multitude of physical, mental, emotional and energetic benefits.

Massage can help to:

Promote feelings of relaxation

Reduce stress & tension

Increase & revitalise energy levels

Increase feelings of well-being

Increase muscle & joint flexibility

Relieve muscular aches & pains

Stimulate tissues & organs to work more efficiently

Increase flow of oxygen & nutrients to muscles, joints, organs & skin

Improve posture

Improve skin tone & soften skin

Increase circulation

Aid digestion & relieve constipation

Stimulate cell regeneration

Cleanse the body of waste, toxins & impurities

Support the immune system

Stimulate the natural healing processes within the body

Stimulate hair growth

Improve the condition of the hair & scalp

Relieve migraines, headaches, eyestrain & sinus problems

Improve concentration & alertness

Relieve restlessness & insomnia

Aid better sleep

Restore harmony & balance – physical, mental, emotional & energetic

Relieve cramps & muscle spasms

Strengthen mind-body connection

Help the body work more efficiently

And more...

All massage treatments include your choice of Aromatherapy oil, or unscented oil if you prefer.

Prices include 30 mins in addition to the treatment times stated below, to allow for a detailed consultation and aftercare.

Holistic Massage

30min / 45min / 60min / 75min / 90min

£30 / £38 / £46 / £54 / £62

Choose a traditional full body massage, back, neck and shoulder massage, or have a tailor-made treatment focusing on your priority areas.  Various massage techniques can be combined to suit your individual needs including Swedish, Aromatherapy and Deep Tissue. 

Indian Head Massage

30min / 45min / 60min / 75min

£30 / £38 / £46 / £54

This treatment combines massage to the upper back, decolletage, shoulders, neck, face, ears and scalp.  Longer treatments can include a full back massage and/or hand and arm massage.  Treatments are carried out with the client laying down to aid relaxation.

Holistic Facial

60min / 75min

£44 / £49

Rebecca's signature facial using Eve Taylor products tailored to your skin type.  Treatment includes: cleanse, tone, exfoliation, neck, shoulder, face & scalp massage, face masque, eye treatment and moisturiser.  Longer treatments can include: exfoliating masque, hand and arm massage.




Reflexology is a type of massage designed to stimulate reflex areas in the feet which correspond to all other parts of the body.  As gentle pressure is applied to these reflex points using specific massage techniques, this has a stimulating effect on the body, therefore facilitating the natural healing processes.

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