Reiki & Crystals

Energy and crystal healing are deeply relaxing therapies that aims to restore harmony and balance, support the natural healing process and promote physical, mental and emotional well-being. 


While healing is very gentle, the outcome can be extremely powerful and transformational for the client.

Energy and crystal healing can help to:

Promote feelings of deep relaxation

Reduce stress & tension

Increase feelings of well-being & happiness

Dissolve energy blocks

Quiet the mind

Support the natural healing process

Relieve restlessness & insomnia

Aid better sleep

Reduce feelings of depression & anxiety

Increase & revitalise energy levels

Strengthen intuition & mind-body connection

Promote introspection, self-knowledge & self-awareness

Provide a sense of peace & calm

Improve concentration & alertness

Restore harmony & balance – physical, mental, emotional & energetic

And more...

Healing sessions are available online via video call, or in-person by special arrangement.

Energy Healing (Reiki)

Energy Healing is a type of hands-on healing.  During a treatment, the therapist's hands are held in a sequence of positions, on or above the body, to facilitate the flow of healing energy while you relax.

60min treatment / 90min appointment - £55

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing utilises the natural healing power of crystals and gemstones.  A selection of appropriate healing crystals are placed on and around the body while you relax.  Hands-on healing (Reiki) can also be used to further facilitate the flow of healing energy.

60min treatment / 90min appointment - £55

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