Intuitive Life Coaching

Life Coaching guides you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you to gain clarity and insights that have the potential to create profound shifts in any aspect of your life.


I'm here to facilitate this journey by providing a safe, supportive and confidential space for you to reconnect with your inner wisdom, helping you to identify and achieve your goals so you can experience more of what you want and less of what you don't want. 

As your coach I'll truly listen, ask powerful questions, challenge and support you to move forward on your desired life path.

Rather than provide you with all the answers, I aim to empower you to find the answers that feel right for you by helping you reconnect with your own inner knowing.

Intuitive Life Coaching combines all the benefits of coaching with a variety of healing techniques and Guided Meditation, to create a truly unique and transformational experience tailored especially to you.


​A course of coaching sessions is recommended to help you to stay committed and accountable and to provide you with ongoing support to help you handle any challenges that might come up on your way to fulfilling your goals.

Coaching sessions are available in person and distantly via Skype.

Single Sessions

60min / 90min / 2hrs / 3hrs

£50 / £65 / £80 / £110

A single session is a good way to try coaching for the first time without the commitment of booking a course. 

Single sessions can also be used to 'top-up' a coaching course or for ongoing support, to help you stay focused and keep things on track.

Course of Sessions

3 x 60min / 90min / 2hrs - 6 x 60min / 90min / 2hrs

£135 / £180 / £225 - £270 / £360 / £450

​A course of 3 coaching sessions is ideal for short or mid-term goals.


A course of 6 coaching sessions is ideal for bigger or longer-term goals, if you would like more regular support or if you'd like to go deeper with your personal development.

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